A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'tamar'


Lovely, pretty things from "Nest Pretty Things"... Check out her lovely web-site as well...

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'w.ho made it'


Over the next few weeks, I thought it would be great to share a few of my favourite things from the world of Etsy...

The shop of "w.ho made it" has gorgeous ways to display your precious jewels that also gives a nod to my favourite collectible, tea cups...

A Break... And New Pieces...


After the manic rush of the late November and early December, I took a much needed break last week to enjoy Christmas... Not only to revel in Brennah's first Christmas (pictures of that coming later) but also to ponder once again the amazing truth that Christ was born a baby, to live and most importantly, to die... I spent most of my time meditating on how that baby became a man, a sacrifice for my sins, and the sins of all those who will repent and believe...
In His grace, God gave us safe traveling, a wonderful time with family and friends, and immense joy as we enjoyed what we had waited for for so long... He is GOOD!

I also took some much needed time off... It was likely the first time in months that I didn't make or ship jewellery... And it was a time I greatly enjoyed... Until today... I am back in the thick of it, filling wholesale orders for the New Year, but I thought I'd share some photos of the new pieces I managed to create in my time 'off'... Enjoy... And stay tuned for pictures of our wonderful Christmas!

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas... "Birds of a Feather"


"Sugared Peeps" and "Sugared Doves"... The sound like yummy treats... But they are actually lovely Christmas decorations from the shop of "Birds of a Feather"... They would be sure to bring a shimmer and sparkle to any tree!

New {WINTERSONG} Collection...


Winter is now in full swing... The snow has fallen.. And more is coming... This promises to be a very white Christmas!

Glance at my new {WINTERSONG} Collection... All the pieces are inspired by (and named after) songs from my Winter Playlist and cool colours that evoke the essence of a shivering winter!

"Is Love Still Alive" Earrings

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas... "Fern Animals"


Could there be anything cuter than these adorable little Christmas decorations from "Fern Animals"? They're just too much!

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas... "Palomas Nest"


Simple and beautiful decorations to fit any scheme from "Palomas Nest"... Stunning!

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas... "1000 Cranes One Wish"


I just adore these festive paper cranes from "1000 Cranes One Wish"... Wish I would have seen them a few weeks ago... The "Festival of Cranes" is made up of six colourful fabric origami cranes... They couldn't be more lovely!

Handmade Christmas: "Addi Layne Designs"


Who doesn't love a nice applique? I bought a lovely gift for our nephew from "Addi Layne Designs" back in October {see first picture}... It'll make a great Christmas gift as would many items from her great shop! Just wonderful... I'm particularly fond of the birdies, as you'll see!

Handmade Christmas: "Wisp of Whimsey"


A lovely shop from Ottawa, Ontario, "Wisp of Whimsy"... Below is a custom order she created for us... Can't say for who, but it's stunning! I'm particularly partial to her Silhouette Lanterns!

Christmas... Through the Eyes of a Child...


Our lovely first {real} Christmas tree... Brennah was just in awe!


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