A Photo a Day {Hiking on the Bruce Trail}


Hiking on the Bruce Trail with Grandma & Papa

A Photo a Day {New Rings}


It's always so wonderful to see a wedding ring for the first time on the hand of someone you've known so long without one... Especially for these two...
John & Milly's Wedding

A Photo a Day {John + Milly}


At the wedding of our dear friends, John & Milly

A Photo a Day {"It's the Wedding!"}


"It's the wedding today Mom!"
Our girls, all ready for John & Milly's Wedding

A Photo a Day {Backyard by Instagram}


Anyone else loving Instagram?
Bren + Leah

A Photo a Day {Nine Months Old}


Olivia practicing her new skill, waving
Nine Months Old

A Photo A Day {Livy}


The next two weeks are very busy for our family! With Jay starting a new job this spring, our vacation has waited until the very end of the summer! There's a lot on my plate with big changes coming this fall... So over the next two weeks, with all that's going on, I much in need of a bit of a blog break... So if you don't mind, I thought I would leave you with a photo a day... I'll be back in full in September with some exciting news! We'll see you then!
Olivia Kate

Fresh Goods {The Sweet + Spicy Doilies}


Brand new today, part of this weekend's Block Party and on sale all weekend, meet The Sweet + Spicy DoiliesWant to win a set? Comment here and I'll pick a random winner this weekend! 

We're looking forward to the marriage of two close friends tomorrow! It should be a wonderful day!
Happy weekend friends!

Layout by Anna

Top left layout by Kimberlee
Top right layout by Cynthia
Bottom left layout by Shannon
Bottom right layout by Tania

In Print {Today's Parent}


Not long after moving into our new house last year, I posted about the spice rack bookshelves that we hung in Leah's room... A few weeks ago I was contacted by Erin at Today's Parent Magazine, asking me if they could feature the project in their September issue... Of course, I said "Yes"... And last week, the magazine arrived in the mail! After all these years of blogging, I've never actually seen one of my photos in print... And boy, was it exciting! Leah was really thrilled, to see her room and her favourite books on the pages of a magazine!


New this week, say hello to the bright & colourful Polly! Get it 20% off this weekend! 

We're off to a day at a friend's cottage... It's supposed to rain all day! Yikes! Let the fun making in the rain begin! Have a lovely weekend friends!

Top Left layout by Ana
Top right layout by Shannon
Bottom left layout by Jana
Bottom right layout by Anna

Top layout by Tania
Bottom Left layout by Erika
Bottom right layout by Andrea

The Medium {Lara + Andrea}


Another sweet and cheerful stop motion video from Giuli & Giordi...

A Little Bit of Pretty {Olivia}


It was a tough weekend here... On Thursday morning Livy woke up with a high fever... We attempted to keep it down all day Thursday with Tylenol and cool baths... By Friday afternoon, her temperature had exceeded 105... I called my doctor and we were told to take her straight to the ER... We spent six hours in the ER... It was a difficult six hours... They tried to take her blood for testing FOUR times... It was torture for her and in the end, they never did find a vein... They ruled out all the obvious things so we were sent home with no answers.. All day Saturday her temperature was still around 103... So we prayed... And the Lord heard our prayers, along with those of many others... Sunday morning, the fever finally broke... She's still recovering and getting back to normal... I'm thankful that she's finally fever free after more than three days... And thankful that it was just a virus and not something more serious! I've never been through anything like that with any of our girls before... And it was a good reminder to not take anything for granted... So today I leave you with one of the sweetest bits of pretty I know, our Livy!

Life on Film {Floats}


One of my favourite things about summer when I was a little girl was floats... And there are still few things I enjoy more than a good float... Last weekend, we introduced our girls to floats... There's no going back now!


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