Illustration Inspirations {Munieca}


Original illustrations by "Munieca"... Don't you love how she turns her artwork into jewellery... Wonderful... And inspiring!

Weekend Project {Cardboard Doll House}


I saw this project idea for a "Cardboard Doll House" months ago... While I admit it's a bit premature in our family (Brennah would surly *chew* the cardboard... Yes, we're still at that stage) but I think it's just adorable AND affordable... Check out "esprit cabane" for the pattern... Enjoy friends!

A Few of My Favourite {Etsy} Things: 'Camille Bellet'


I've still got Paris on my mind... And this morning (up before six... Still jet lagged) I set out searching locally on Etsy (one of my favourite features) for "Paris"... I was thrilled to find the shop of "Camille Bellet"... I love her unique and colourful designs... She also have a lovely web-site... Her shop of stickers, notebooks, tags and more, adorned with her own illustrations, if fairly new (December 2008)... Enjoy!

"Beautiful Child"


A few years ago, long before Brennah was born, I purchased a CD called "Station Wagon" by Sara Groves... We had travelled a bit at that point and the song "Beautiful Child" struck me... I had no real sense of what the words really meant...

Having been in Paris the last week and a day, away from our little B, the song has taken on a whole new meaning for me...

"beautiful child right from the moment you were born
you overtook my heart my world
my beautiful child

tender and sweet both in your crying and your sleep
you radiate a sense of hope
you're beautiful

And I have seen the most amazing sights
in my travels on the earth
misty seas and amber harbor lights
and other things of matchless worth

but next to you all of the beauty seems so plain
you would think I'd never seen a beautiful thing"

Paris {Day Seven}


On our last full day in France, we once again took the train out of the city to Vernon, a 45 minute train ride from Pairs... At the train station, we were picked up Stephane in his 1952 Citroen for a tour of the castles in the hills above Vernon & Giverny (The Heart of Impressionism)... It was AMAZING!

The view from the car... It was VERY foggy!

Our first castle stop... The most amazing view I'd seen in all of France... With all the fog it was hard to get the full effect... But it was incredible none the less!

Jay and I outside the final castle, standing in front of the 1952 Citroen...

The hills of rural France... It was a much enjoyed break from the hustle & bustle of the city... And I'm always more in love with the countryside than anywhere else!

Stephane dropped us off in Giverny, at the home of Claude Monet... His gardens...

The Water Garden, "Claude Monet's Gardens"

The Japanese Bridge, "Claude Monet's Gardens"

The window of Claude's lovely room... We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside but the house was simply enchanting... One can understand why he was so inspired... His town, his garden, his home... It was all something of a dream...

After our magical visit in Giverny, we took a shuttle back to Vernon... The city is VERY old... These houses are from the middle ages...

The medieval gothic church in Vernon...

Paris {Day Six}


On Sunday, April 19th we traveled to Bayeux, a two and a half hour train from Paris... Bayeux is a medieval city which houses the "Bayeux Tapestry"... 

The Old Mill in the centre of Bayeux

We also visited the "Battle of Normandy Museum" and the cemetery marking thousands of fallen WWII soldiers...

Paris {Day Five}


The(in) famous "Pont Neuf" Bridge

The gargoyles of "Notre-Dame de Paris"

A gargoyle of "Notre-Dame de Paris"

Stained glass in "Saint-Severin"

A street in Paris, in the cold, cold rain (so sad...)


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