Brennah's Second Birthday... {The Birthday Girl}


My sweet little girls (in their matching outfits!)

Eating... There were lots and lots of goodies!

Face first into a birthday cupcake... She loves icing... Just like her mommy!

Opening presents... Thanks Les, for the adorable hat!

Checking out her new guitar, a gift from the Waglers

Brennah's Second Birthday... {Presents}


Brennah was lovingly showered with gifts... We are slowly teaching her to be thankful... It sure doesn't come naturally... But she's getting there... And she surely is excited!

A LOVELY handmade pillow from our dear friend, Jess... Isn't it wonderful? She always showers my girls with beautiful handmade lovelies that I know they will treasure forever! Thanks Jess!

Brennah's Second Birthday... {The Party}


The night had finally arrived! Jay took Bren to pick out her own balloons... She did a pretty good job... And the food... Let's just say I made a BIT too much!

Brennah's Second Birthday... {Table Top}


I was so excited to plan a Tea Party... I have a lovely collection of tea cups... Many gifts from my dear Grandma May... And others that I have gathered over the years from second hand shops... I had a wonderful, lovely time setting a Tea Party table!

Brennah's Second Birthday... {Decorations}


The party, on Saturday night, was a HUGE success... And today, my baby turns TWO! It's hard to believe... I love her so much... She has brought SO much joy to our lives... Happy Birthday Brennah!

The handmade decorations from Brennah's Second Birthday Tea Party, January 2010... The garlands were made from gold paper doilies, patterned paper punched hearts, and tissue paper flowers on cream yarn...

Final Touches and Inspirations...


Tomorrow is the party... I love have something exciting and creative to do in January... This can be a long month... But tomorrow promises to be a great day... Brennah has been saying all week: "Brennah's party coming"... I'm sure she'll adore every moment...

So... For some final inspiration... How much do I wish we could be outside?

{Tea Party Inspiration from 'Bridal Inquirer'}

{Tea Party Ideas from 'Country Living'}

Party pictures to come next week! Have a great weekend!

A 2nd Birthday Tea Party... {Food}


The decorations are nearly ready, the presents are bought and now for the food... Last year for Brennah's birthday party, I made a big meal... This year I decided to keep it more simple... Or at least I thought it would be simple... A Tea Party Menu...

Cream Puffs dipped in Dark Chocolate

{Photo from 'Nordijus'}

Empire Cookies (Courtesy of our dear friend Jess)

{Photo from 'The Canadian Baker'}

Blueberry Tarts

Milk Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

{Photo from 'Whole Food Markets'}

Mini Cheesecakes (Courtesy of my Mom)

{Photo from}

Jello & Sherbet Parfaits

Fresh Fruit

Shirley Temples

{Photo from EllyBelly88's Flicker}

Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Tea

AND OF COURSE... Birthday cupcakes!

It promises to be a lovely and YUMMY evening!


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