A Sneak Peek at Next Week's Giveaways...


Exciting news friends... I've been missing the giveaways... And I've had a few people contact me, asking if I was going to be running any more giveaways... While I found the weekly giveaways really draining, I thought it would be fun to celebrate the beginning of spring with a WEEK of fantastic giveaways... So tune in on Monday (and all next week for the matter) for a new giveaway featuring two Etsy shops EACH day! Enjoy... A sneak peek at a few of the shops that will be featured next week! And please, tell all your friends!

Monday Design Inspiration: White


Those of you who have ever been in my home know that I do not have a white room... Not anywhere... Each and every room in our house is full of colour... Truthfully, I love colour... But I'm thinking about perhaps embracing a bit more white in our new home... Perhaps...

Weekend Project {Doily Bowl}


A lovely step-by-step picture tutorial from 'Sodapop Design' on how to create your own doily print bowls... Have a lovely weekend friends!

One Year Ago...


We got a significant amount of snow here yesterday... Hello spring (said sarcastically, of course)... It's hard to believe that a year ago today, we were sitting outside on the deck, with a very tiny Leah, enjoying her first real taste of being outdoors... How lovely is she?
Leah, March 2010 at 5 months old

Whale Tissue Holder...


This is just beyond adorable... Is it not?

Monday Design Inspiration: Wall Art


When we renovated our main floor back in August 2009, I was planning on displaying some of my vintage plates as wall art... Let's just say, I never got around to it! I'm thinking about it again... And don't these pictures provide some lovely inspiration!
4. via 'Belle Maison'

Weekend Project {DIY Paper Flowers}


Lovely paper flowers... A perfect weekend project to (nearly) welcome spring! Happy weekend!

Dancing at the Table...


A little video of my girlies, dancing over lunch... They bring more joy than I could have ever imagined!

Monday Design Inspiration: Gray


I've never worked with gray before... And this time around, as we start planning for the new house, we're gonna do gray... Jay loves gray and he's pretty thrilled... The master bedroom and perhaps the master bathroom will be getting a slight dose of gray... And I'm pretty thrilled too!
2. via 'Anthropologie'
3. via 'Design Sponge'
4. via 'ohdeedoh'

Weekend Project {Yogurt Cake with Pear & Dark Chocolate}


How can you go wrong? Yogurt, pears, dark chocolate... All in a cake... I'm thinking of attempting this delightful looking cake from 'Five and Spice' this weekend... What are you up to this weekend?

Oh Spring... You Feel so New!


Spring is almost here... Despite more snow on its way, I'm still believe in spring! And I've added some new work to the shop in celebration... The best of it (in my mind at least): Vintage bracelets... I've hand-painted, distressed and sealed them... And I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out!

Monday Design Inspiration: A Tufted Sofa


I'm on the unofficial search for a tufted sofa... One that's affordable of course... I'm not thinking it's likely to happen... But I've been inspired much in the last few months by the formal comfort of these tufted sofas...
2. via 'escapade'
3. via 'layla grayce'
5. via 'csn sofas'

Weekend Project {Lantern Makeover}


I would love to make one of these for Leah's new room... A lovely lantern makeover idea!



I love this photo... Love it...

In Like a Lion... Out Like a Lamb...


March is here... Finally... This is the turning point my friends... In like a lion, out like a lamb... Well, hopefully!
2. via 'Anthropologie'
6. via 'The Blue Balloon'
7. via 'Lodge
8. via 'Yarnigans
9. via 'Lapuan Kankurit'
10. via 'Luna Clay Design'
11. via 'The Animal Print Shop'


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