"Daisies, Roses, Dandelions"


A few weeks back, I posted a link to the free download of 'Wind and Willow's' debut EP... I've been following them around the on-line world as I just adore the EP and was thrilled with the release of their first official music video for my favourite of all the songs "Daisies, Roses, Dandelions" (which also happens to be Bren's favourite too!) Enjoy!

An Exciting Evening...


If you haven't yet fallen in love with Sara Goves, I encourage you to visit her site... And enjoy a little taste of the beauty you're missing my previewing "It is Well" (click below to listen)

Weekend Project {No Sew Fabric Flowers}


I just love it when I come across a sewing project that doesn't require sewing... Like these beautiful No Sew Fabric Flowers from 'Ruffles and Stuff'... Aren't they lovely?

Take it Outside: Picnics


Click on an image to view the source!

Weekend Project {A Simple Floral Centrepiece Idea}


A simple floral centrepiece idea, perfect for any weekend party via 'Dog 'N Bird Artful Wedding'! Have a lovely weekend friends! Any exciting plans?

Fun at the Photo Booth...


Maegan & Tyler had a fantastic photo booth set up at their wedding... We had a great time, right before leaving, posing with the girls in the photo booth!

'Poison and Wine'


'Poison and Wine' by The Civil Wars



It struck me the other day, as I sadly closed up my Etsy shop for the time being, that the quote from this print rings pretty true in my life... When I began selling on Etsy three years ago, I never dreamed that anyone would ever buy my jewellery! Over the last few years, I've had over 2800 sales in my Etsy store and filled countless orders for shops around Canada and the US... It's been a dream come true... A dream that I didn't even know I had... I never imagined myself owning my own business... Or being able to contribute significantly to the family income... The Lord was truly gracious...

Sometime around the New Year, things changed... Business slowed right down... And it was difficult to determine why... I felt defeated and deflated... After so many hours working hard to build my business, it just seemed as though what I was doing was no longer relevant... Couple that with the growing number of difficult customers, I began questioning more and more whether the time I was investing was worth it... I've been surprised and saddened by how hostile and mean people can be... And I'm just not the type of girl that's cut out for that... I'm the kind of girl that lays in bed at night wondering what I could have done differently...

After some discussion with my loving husband, a big move that really drained us and a pregnancy that has left me tired and worn out, I reached the sad conclusion that it's time to put my Etsy shop on an indefinite vacation... I'm hopeful that I'll miss it... That I'll have some time to re-evaluate and perhaps feel inspired to re-open the shop at summer's end... We'll see...

For now, this just seems like the right thing... And despite the melancholy that I feel about this decision, it really was a dream coming true... A dream I didn't even know I had...
 via 'Pretty Zoo'

Weekend Project {Soy Candles}


A lovely weekend project idea for Soy Candles from 'Ruffled'... Anyone gonna give this one a try?

The Wedding...


We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Tyler and Maegan's wedding... A few photos of their lovely day!

Weekend Project {Photo Booth}


I've long been in love with the idea of a photo booth... Maegan and Tyler plan on having something like this over the course of their wedding weekend... And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this great idea could be used for anything... Even a party!
4. via 'Vicky Trainor'

A Weekend Wedding...


We're off to a wedding this weekend... Jay's youngest sister Maegan is marrying her love, Tyler... The festivities begin tomorrow evening with the feature event, the wedding, taking place on Sunday morning! It will be a busy weekend, visiting with family and celebrating Maegan and Tyler's love!
The happy couple at the Cottage on Thanksgiving Weekend, October 2010

'Wind and Willow'...


I can get enough of the Wind and Willow EP... I've been listening to it over and over again! And you can download it for FREE! Enjoy!


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