Ireland Bound... {The Castle}


I've always felt, that if you were going to travel to a land of castles, you should stay in a castle... 'Ballybur Castle', a 16th Century towerhouse, is located just outside the medieval city of Kilkenny... It is everything you could dream of... And looks oh, so romantic! Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of 'Homebug'

Ireland Bound... {The Inspiration}


This week I thought we'd travel (well virtually anyhow) to place I've always dreamed of visiting... Ireland! Happy {virtual} travels!

Egypt Bound... {The Hotel}


Louxor, Egypt

Reported to be one of the most romantic hotels in the world... Equipped with Turkish baths, an art gallery, massage room, stunning grounds and intimate rooms... Doesn't it look enchanting?

Photographs from 'Baghdad Bride'

Egypt Bound... {The Inspiration}


Okay... So we're not really Egypt bound... Around this time of year, each and every year, the wanderlust begins to creep up on me... I'm not sure if it's the cold winter or the short days... And of course, with two little girls, our traveling days are over for the time being (and I'm fine with that, really!)... So, I thought it would be fun to take a series of virtual trips... So sit back, grab your passport (!) and enjoy a trip to Egypt! The best part... It's free!

The Inspiration:


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