Life on Film {A Year in Review}


Twenty eleven was a very big year for us... It was beautifully eventful and wonderful! Wishing you much joy and peace as you welcome the New Year! Here's to twenty twelve!



Why not celebrate the week leading up to the New Year with a collection of all things that sparkle?

Weekend Project {Holiday Drinks}


It's Christmas this weekend! There's still time to run out and gather the ingredients to make some delicious Holiday Drinks... I'm trying to settle on which one to make for our Annual Christmas Eve Gathering... I think any of them would taste just as good without the alcohol (which I will be skipping)... Just click on the image to view the recipe! And Merry Christmas!

Life on Film {Ready to Go}


Is there anything cuter than a little baby, all bundled up?

From the Manger to the Cross...


A beautiful reminder... That the manger led to the Cross... And the Cross led to the resurrection... And resurrection led to salvation, for all those who believe... That is my hope this Christmas!

A Little Bit of Life Around Here...


Life has been very full these past few weeks... Full of celebration, full of love, full of joy... Playing with new stickers, loving the bath, and turning one month old!

Putting Up the Tree!


This past Monday, we put up our Christmas tree! Quite an adventure with two toddlers and a tiny baby! But a joyful occasion none-the-less! Let the Christmas season begin!

Sweet Liv in Black & White...


Our sweet Olivia, at one day shy of two weeks old...

"Little Cute Mokkasin"


A lovely Swedish shop for little ones: 'Little Cute Mokkasin'... Of course I can't read a thing on the site, but the images are inpsiring none the less... A picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it?

A Room to Share...


Thankfully, our little ones all have their own rooms... But with spaces like these, sharing doesn't look so bad!

Our Sweet Olivia...


A few pictures of our little beauty! She's thriving and doing well at nearly two weeks old! We are truly blessed and enjoying (nearly) every moment!
 Liv's Birth Announcement (Front)
Liv's Birth Announcement (Back)
Getting weighed by our lovely midwife, Emily


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