In a Picnic State of Mind...


Summer is in full swing here and we’ve been enjoying every minute... On of Brennah's favourite thing to do these days is have a picnic... By that, I mean she loves to eat on a blanket in the backyard! These picnic ideas are a bit more inspirational... But I love sitting on well-loved quilt in the backyard, watching my girls enjoy a meal... That’s pretty close to perfect for me! Enjoy... And perhaps this post will put you in a picnic state of mind...

6. Tea in a Meadow
7. Love Shoot
8. Donna Hay Picnic
9. Orchard Picnic
10. Child’s Picnic

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  1. My 2 year old LOVES picnics right now as well! It's been so hot out, we've been spreading our picnic blanket indoors lately. :)

  2. I am definately "in a picnic state of mind" after viewing your post!!
    My children and grandchildren are coming to celebrate Independence Day on Saturday because their dad and I went to a wedding last weekend. {And there's fireworks this week in a neighboring town!}
    I was thinking we'd have a cook-out, but I've now changed my mind COMPLETELY, and a picnic in the backyard will be just the ticket! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. The idea of this is so sweet, the last time we tried it we were overtaken by ants...I like the look of pictures better. LOL!

  4. My little one and I are definitely in the mood for a picnic; have been since my friend gave me a lovely basket (recently posted pictures)- now we need to find a place to go.
    Thanks for the inspiring photos.

  5. lemonade picnics are the best (:

  6. Bookmarking this because I'm having a picnic birthday party next weekend!



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