A Little Bit of Pretty {Olivia}


It was a tough weekend here... On Thursday morning Livy woke up with a high fever... We attempted to keep it down all day Thursday with Tylenol and cool baths... By Friday afternoon, her temperature had exceeded 105... I called my doctor and we were told to take her straight to the ER... We spent six hours in the ER... It was a difficult six hours... They tried to take her blood for testing FOUR times... It was torture for her and in the end, they never did find a vein... They ruled out all the obvious things so we were sent home with no answers.. All day Saturday her temperature was still around 103... So we prayed... And the Lord heard our prayers, along with those of many others... Sunday morning, the fever finally broke... She's still recovering and getting back to normal... I'm thankful that she's finally fever free after more than three days... And thankful that it was just a virus and not something more serious! I've never been through anything like that with any of our girls before... And it was a good reminder to not take anything for granted... So today I leave you with one of the sweetest bits of pretty I know, our Livy!


  1. Praise God! So glad it's over for you! Little ones with high fevers can be so scary.

  2. Oh how terrifying for you! And it's just gut-wrenching seeing them crying at the hospital too, isn't it? I'm so glad Livy is ok.



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