Life on Film {Six Months}


Today I'm a bit late posting... It's been busy around here... Which I love... And today I'm left wondering where the time has gone! Today is our ninth wedding anniversary! The weather here is beautiful... Warm and sunny without a cloud in the sky... Exactly like the day of our wedding nine years ago! Nine years! It's hard to get my mind around all that the Lord has blessed us with... Most importantly our girls! I am so thankful for the man that the Lord has given me to share my life with... I really, truly could not ask for anything more... He is Godly, gentle, patient, loving, adoring, and long suffering... And of course, I couldn't ask for more in a father... And Livy adores him... To the point where it's getting difficult to nurse her when he's in the room... She'd much rather lay and gaze at her dear daddy! So here's to nine years with Lord willing, many more to come and six healthy, joyful months with our dear Livy! Thank you Lord for your abundant goodness!

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