Project Idea {Advent Calendar} Part I


When I was a girl, I loved advent... I loved preparing for Christmas... And I still do! It's my favourite time of year... Several weeks ago, I decided that I would like to create an advent calendar for the girls... I spent most of last week trying to work out what to do... After an evening visit to 'Michaels', it began to come together!
I purchased brown kraft favour boxes from the wedding section at 'Michaels' along with some bamboo yarn, number stickers and some lovely snowflake stickers...
I punched a hole in the top of each of the boxes and strung the yarn through the hole, attached the number on the front and a snowflake on the back... I ended up using a bit of glue for the #'s as they weren't especially sticky...
 All the boxes... All 24, done!
On Saturday afternoon, I sent Jay out on an adventure (in our backyard) to collect twelve branches! It was a bit of an adventure for me attaching all the boxes, but here it is... All finished... 24 tiny advent boxes, awaiting their sweet little advent gifts! More to come on the finishing touches tomorrow!
And don't forget to take the time to enter this week's giveaway for a calendar all your own from 'Honeytree'!


  1. Good work Bec! Looks so pretty and It will fun for them to anticipate opening one everyday. Clara is itching for Dec 1st! :)

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful blog you have! I'm a follower now :)
    Hugs from Norway*

  3. What a fantastic idea and so much better than the rubbish chocolate ones around. I am going to treat myself to a pretty picture one this week when I brave the snow!

  4. I LOVE this! I was just looking at advent calendars yesterday trying to come up with a way to make something.. :)

  5. Hi Rebecca, this is beautiful... I actually just put a list of ideas for little activities to put inside a homemade calender. Sure the girls would love some of them.... I love Advent, it's so much happier than Lent!!

  6. I think it's a wonderful idea, I bet the girls will love it! I am planning on doing the same for my boyfriend,since he is always telling me he wants one :)

  7. You boggle my mind. This is so amazing!

  8. very cute and the first one opened today!!!
    What was inside? :)

  9. Beautiful...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with us all the time! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


  10. I love this idea for an advent calender! I'm gonna link to it on my blog!
    You are so creative!

  11. Great Advent calendar. Love it.



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