Surprise... Surprise!


On November 28th, 2009, my WONDERFUL husband surprised me with a houseful of friends who were here to surprise me and celebrate my impending 30th Birthday! The party was a bit early (My actual birthday is Christmas Eve, a busy time of year and not a great time for Birthday parties) so I was MORE than surprised and thrilled! Jay organized everything... And Jess, Les & Kathy helped him execute the surprise! It was PERFECT! Thanks SO much sweetie!


  1. Happy Early Birthday! Its my 30th v.soon too. I would usually say I hate surprises but this sounded like a lovely one. Hope you were truly spoilt; every lady deserves to be on her birhday xx

  2. Cassie... Thanks so much! And thanks even more for the Christmas card! It was lovely! Made me think/dream of the English countryside... Would love to get there someday! Thanks again!



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