Home Sweet Home {Entry Way}


Back in August, we began to tear up our main floor... The main motivation for the renos was the fact that we're having another baby... Doesn't sound like a good time to renovate, right? However... We had a few issues... With a new little one coming, we decided to move Brennah our of the nursery and into was used to be our guest room... My parents live about four hours away and visit often... And when they're here, I would never have the heart to ask them to sleep on the floor... Needed: A sofa bed... Sounds simple... However, due to the tightness of the stairs leading down to our basement, there was not way we would ever be able to get a sofa bed down there... And to me, privacy is very important... That began the plan to turn our previous dining room into a living room complete with a sofa bed and french doors to accommodate overnight guests...
Thus began a rather painless renovation... Jay and my dad did all the work... The walls came down and were moved around one weekend, Jay puttered away at the dry walling over about three weeks after working all day (Do I ever love him...) and my dad returned on Labour Day weekend to help us finish everything up... After hours of work and many more hours of painting, we finally finished and I've spent the last few weeks putting on all the finishing touches... I'm thrilled and thankful for the new layout... And more than pleased with much easier access to our kitchen from the dining room... And of course, I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to give some new life to our decor, which has been in place since we moved in five years ago...

Today... The Entry Way... It used to be dark red, with a door leading into the kitchen upon entering the house (which I was never totally thrilled with as you could see my dirty dishes in the sink from the front door)... Now it's a pale shade of light green... Much more open and airy and not directly exposed to the kitchen!

Our Sweet Little Home Sweet Home, May 2008 (Our front garden has since exploded into a collection of loveliness since then... No thanks to me of course!)

Previous view of the Front Door as the renovations began... Excuse the mess!

New view just inside the Front Door

Previous view from the Front Door

Current view from the Front Door... The antique dresser belonged to Jay's Great Grandfather... It's lovely, a little piece of family history and perfect for storage...

Previous view from the Entry Way

New view from the Entry Way


  1. Awesome so far! I love your accessories and color palette! The foyer is my fav, I think!

  2. Looks so great! I'm itching to move my dining room, as well..

  3. Wow you must be so happy to be done...my bathroom still has drywall and no sink!



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