Home Sweet Home {Dining Room}


Our new Dining Room, where the Living Room used to be... Much easier to access the new kitchen doorway... And much better clearance around our rather large table which was a wedding present from Jay's parents...

My favourite piece of furniture... A hand carved shelf from India...

The view of the Dining Room from the Entry Way... When we first began to ponder this new layout, I couldn't picture walking into the Dining Room when first entering the house... But I've been amazed how nicely this new layout flows...

The lovely bay window... I loved it the first time we looked at the house... The curtains were custom made by 'Beautiful Handmade'

The hutch, also a wedding present from Jay's parents which houses my teacup collection (a University graduation gift from my Grandma Dallimore)... Each cup has a history, a story, which I adore... The hutch is also home to my growing collection of antique and vintage dishes as well as a lovely vintage silver tea set, a bridesmaid's gift my sister in law (top right)...

The end wall we painted in Behr's Semi-sweet... It's dramatic, but not overwhelming and I think it adds lots of warmth to the room... Hanging on either side of the hutch are pictures of our Paris trip on the left and our Newfoundland trip on the right...

The bay window is such a warm and sunny spot... The perfect place to enjoy a warm drink on a cool fall day...


  1. so pretty! I love your teacup collection...the whole room is really nice! you must love it!

  2. Looks great Becky! Now I can't wait to see your den!!

  3. It's lovely! You must be so pleased. I can't wait to see more!

  4. What a lovely home! I love the old fashioned country look. I love the warm tones of the wood and the unclutteredness! And those curtains aren't bad either! ; )



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