Paris {Day Three}


"The Louvre"... It's really hard to get a sense of how HUGE it is... This virtual tour will give you a bit of an idea... We saw a lot but not even close to everything! What an amazing place!

I had no idea how beautiful and ornate "The Louvre" is... Housed in what used to be a palace, just walking around the building was good enough for me!

My husband is a chess player and collector of chess sets... We were both in awe of this gilded chess set in "The Louvre"

Marble sculpture at "The Louvre"

A chandelier in the apartments of Napoleon the Third, "The Louvre"

Marble pillar in the "Chateau de Vincennes"


  1. I like the picture of the king's palace!

  2. great pics! it took nearly a week to fully watch even a bit of the louvres treasures. its incredible. and still you got the feeling you hadn't watched enough:-)every time i'm in paris i am spending a bit time in the louvre.



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