Paris {Day One}


Our first Paris picnic in the gardens of our accommodations... We arrived in Paris before 11 am local time on Tuesday, April 14th after a VERY smooth trip! Needless to say, we were hungry!

The hidden gem, sourced out and arranged by my loving husband... "The Paris Oasis"

Everything is warm and green... And in bloom! Thrilling... 

"Sacre-Coeur Basilica" only moments from our guest house... The best views in Paris... Although the day was warm and hazy, it was still remarkable...

"The Eiffel Tower" off in the distance from the hills of Montmartre

A gorgeous tree in bloom in the enchanting "Montmatre Cemetery"


  1. Wow, totally gorgeous. I cannot believe you're there! You're right, the pictures are so exactly what I had pictured in my mind. I cannot wait to see more! Love you.

  2. PS- I want to see pictures of you two! Proof you're really there.



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