{Weekend Project} Butterfly Collage


Feeling creative this weekend... Create a butterfly collage by following the step by step instructions on "Capture Create"... Enjoy!


  1. Rebecca, I've fallen in love with your blog, just like I fell in love with the jewelry in your Etsy shop. I'm a fan, for sure.

    I LOVE the Sara Bareilles song you have playing now, one of my favorites!

  2. Thanks for sharing this great idea! Love the blog, love the Etsy shop (and have passed it on to my hubby, ever so subtly), and appreciate your sharing the project idea. My daughter (almost 13) and I ran right out and purchased the supplies to make one for her friend's birthday -- with Mickey Mouse heads instead of butterflies, to match a new bedroom decor. Fun!

    By the way, I'm enjoying the music, too. Wondered if you'd ever listened to Sarah Groves? She's a Christian artist with a style similar to those on your site. I think you'd enjoy her for your "at home" listening.


    P.S. Discovered you through Challies, just so you know.

  3. I love this , who knew , you are so multi faceted.
    glad we met



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