A New Look for {The Ardent Sparrow}


A few months ago I happened upon the shop of "Isabells Umbrella" when looking for birthday party invitations for Brennah's first birthday (more about that to come later)... I was smitten with her Matryoshka design and she created some custom invites for me... When they arrived, I was equally smitten with all of packaging... From the business card to the note and the address label... I'd been thinking of creating a 'brand identity' (thank you marketing husband) for some time... I emailed Ashley of "Isabells Umbrella" to ask her who had created her incredible design... As I'd expected, it was her... A graphic designer by day, Ashley offered to help me create my very own 'brand identity'... Over the last few weeks, we've been working together to create just the right feel for my 'brand'... Last night, Ashley sent me the finished versions of two banners and avatars for my shop... I've also added a new tagline: {adornment for every flight of fancy}

Thanks Ashley... I think she did a FABULOUS job... What do you think? I'd love your feedback...


  1. You are so kind, and I am equally thrilled to have worked with you on this project! I have really enjoyed creating the new look for The Ardent Sparrow. My hopes are that it accurately reflects your beautiful line of jewerly.

    The best thing out of this is that I have made a new friend! Thank you so much for the trust you have placed in me!

  2. Thumbs up! From the font to the color to the logo to the {brackets} it all works really well together.

  3. It is gorgeous. I can understand your excitement.



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