International Etsy Feature: "Apple & Eve" {Germany}


I was so excited when logging in to my blog this morning to discover that I have a follower! Yeah! And not only do I have follower, she's a fabulous Estian from Germany... And wasn't I looking for a lovely International shop to share with you today? So... Without further ado, the shop of "Apple & Eve" from Frankfurt, Germany (A city that we walked around in record breaking heat looking for an English playing movie so we could sit in an air conditioned theatre)... The shop is stocked with stunning embroidered cotton animals (from her own patterns) that take my breath away! Lovely! Everything is so lovely in fact, that I had a VERY difficult time deciding what pictures to share! The blog is enthralling as well! Enjoy...


  1. Thank You so much visiting my shop and blog and featuring me :)
    As well as you are inspired by you - I`m inspired of your beautiful blog!

  2. apple and eve has such wonderful characters !!!!

    glad you found each other !!!

    lovely feature!

  3. I love her works, she is the most amazing freehand embroiderer I know!

  4. oooh, wonderfull creations of a talented artist!!!!!!!

  5. I just adore Eva's work too! She is so talented!

  6. Hello, I've just seen you mentioned on Mee a Bee's blog so I thought I'd come and take a peek!

  7. How great is this! I adore Eva. I have quite a few of her little softies. they take your breath away. I cannot believe how talented she is. You really can't believe it could be done by hand and yet it couldn't be done by a machine so meticulously. You have to see them in the flesh.

    I'm following too now!

  8. The Personalized Bunny with Yellow Poppies is so cute, the embroidery is very nice.



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