A Handmade Christmas...


Since joining the Etsy community back in June, I've been in awe of what a welcoming and friendly group of people have gathered there... With Christmas approaching, I began to think of gifts back in October as I often do... And I decided that as much as possible, I would try to buy my gifts on Etsy... So over the next two weeks, I would like to feature some of the shops that I've purchased Christmas gifts from this year... Perhaps you'll be inspired to support handmade this Christmas as well!

And in two weeks, beginning on Monday, November 24th, I will be having another fabulous Canadian giveaway, just in time for the Holidays! I have 10 shops from around Canada that have donated FABULOUS gifts... Stay tuned... You won't be disappointed!

Below are the pictures of the Christmas Ornament I purchased for Brennah... I wanted her to have something special for her first Christmas... And I found it in "Middleburg's" shop!


  1. Those are so pretty!

    Since I am from New Zealand ... it's going into summer there ... I got almost all my shopping done when people were having their end-of-summer sales ... in September!

    I am going to love seeing what you have bought.

  2. I love the My sister, my friend box. I havetwo daughters...so lovely....I myself have 2 brothers and I alway wanted a sis...

    But, ahem...I digress...the box makes me think of my precious girls!



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