Life on Film {Three Months Old}


Despite the February blahs, time is really flying around here... I can hardly believe Olivia has been with us for three months now... She's a wonderful baby... A dream actually... Sleeping through the night for over a month now and just really content... We are truly blessed! Isn't she lovely?


  1. she's beautiful!! And I'm so happy to read something positive about being a new mom... I'm pregnant with my first, due in about 10 weeks, and I'm amazed at how unbelievably gleeful a lot of other moms can be while they tell you about how horrible certain things will be, you'll never sleep again, etc. it's like they derive a lot of pleasure of trying to steal joy from this time. Thank you for focusing on something so wonderful. by the way- how did you get her sleeping through the night at 2 months?! whatever you're doing, i want to do that too.

  2. She is absolutely beautiful! Those eyes and those lips! Swoon.

    ♥ sécia

  3. I love liv's nursing mouth...all plump and cute.



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