Happy Birthday Dear Brennah!


Four years ago today, our lives changed forever... After years of waiting, we welcomed our first child, a lovely little girl... We named her Brennah May, her middle name a tribute to my dear grandmother... It was one of the sweetest days of our lives... Today Bren turns four! I am so thankful the Lord brought Brennah into our lives... Her exactly... She's taught me much about joy and contentment... She's full of exuberance, humour, and affection! Happy Birthday dear Brennah! We pray the Lord continues to keep your heart soft and that you will soon learn to trust Him more than anything else! Here's to another wonderful year!


  1. What a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday, Brennah!

    (This picture caught my eye because it looks like one of my pencil portraits. :) )

  2. Happy birthday to this beautiful little girl and many congratulations to her parents as well! :)
    Best wishes from Belgium, Marjolijn



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