iPhone Wallpaper...


Last weekend, Jay and I finally took the plunge into the 21st century and purchased smartphones... He's an Android man... But being Mac all the way, I knew it had to be an iPhone for me... It's been quite fun adding all sorts of useful (most of them anyhow) apps to my phone... We're planning on switching over fully to our new phones and getting rid of our land-line... A big move... But these phones seem to do just about anything... I've been on the hunt for some great wallpapers... Here's a round-up of some lovely iPhone wallpapers for fall! Enjoy! And P.S. They're all FREE!
Left via 'Enlighten Education'
Middle via 'Info Power'
Right via 'Poolga.'

Left via 'Poolga.'
Middle via 'iPhone World'
Right via 'Ashli Nixon'


  1. Love these! My iPhone thanks you.

    ♥ sécia



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