The Best Job in the World...


As I've been preparing my posts for this week, I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a mother... There were a few years there, hoping and praying each month that I would finally be pregnant, that I wasn't sure it would ever happen... The Lord has been SO gracious to me... And now, after much prayer, I have been blessed with two lovely little girls... And I feel the joy and the weight of the task set before each and every day... They fill each day with laughter and excitement... And yes, sometimes challenges... But as the Lord was so good in bringing these little girls to me, He has been good in blessing me with very good-natured little girls... They make my job pretty easy! Today, as you ponder mother, enjoy a few pictures of my little girls... That have given me the pleasure of being their mother! Enjoy...

Leah Grace {6 months old, April 2010}

Brennah May {2 years old, April 2010}


  1. they are so beautiful, and so is your blog! {i too hope to someday be a mother!}

    found you on etsy forums, I hope you'll come visit me too!

  2. this was beautiful, sister!

    your girls are gorgeous, and hilarious (:

  3. oooh i just fell in love with both of them, so gorgeous and pure! :)

    (I'd love to do a post about your blog and shop, would you like that? if yes, can I use your photographs for it?)

    Thanks in advance!




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