Egypt Bound... {The Inspiration}


Okay... So we're not really Egypt bound... Around this time of year, each and every year, the wanderlust begins to creep up on me... I'm not sure if it's the cold winter or the short days... And of course, with two little girls, our traveling days are over for the time being (and I'm fine with that, really!)... So, I thought it would be fun to take a series of virtual trips... So sit back, grab your passport (!) and enjoy a trip to Egypt! The best part... It's free!

The Inspiration:


  1. What a fantastic idea! I always start thinking holidays at this time of year too and we usually end up booking something in desperation with the winter weather!

  2. It's good to dream! I've actually been to Egypt - not such a big deal from here in Israel - though I think nowadays it'd be easier for you to get there than me! Some really incredible sights to see there.

  3. Great post have a few friends who have been to Egypt and really really enjoyed it.

  4. oh i get the same way...always itching to go somewhere...someplace new and exciting! ive actually been to Egypt twice - amazing!



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