A Giveaway A Day {Day Five} "Almost Sunday" + "The Ardent Sparrow" + "Laura Walls Taylor"


I've featured the shop of "Almost Sunday" several times... I adore her work and the butterfly mobile pictured below hangs above Brennah's crib! It's my favourite Etsy purchase yet! Today's fortunate winner will receive $25 US in store credit to spend in "Almost Sunday"... Enjoy!

Today's winner will also receive store credit for $20 US from my shop, "The Ardent Sparrow"... Enjoy!

And last, but not least, today's winner will also receive 15% off any purchase from the pottery shop of "Laura Walls Taylor"... Enjoy!

ENTER TO BE TODAY'S $45 US WINNER... Visit each shop, comment on your favourite item from each, and don't forget to leave your email address! The winner will be randomly chosen tonight at 10:00 pm EST... Enjoy and best wishes!


  1. I love the Butterfly Wall Art from Almost Sunday and the I Remember Your Voice earrings from Ardent Sparrow!


  2. my favorites are the fish mobile from 'Almost Sunday,' the duck mug in porcelain from 'Laura Walls Taylor' and the catherine necklace from your shop 'Ardent Sparrow'!!!

    three more wonderful stores!


  3. love the birth date print from almost sunday and the duck mug from laura walls taylor

  4. What a fabulous blog! And how wonderful to be hosting all these great giveaways.

    I love the Pear Tree Wall Art - what a beautiful and unique idea.

    The Thinking of Winter necklace is really lovely.

  5. From Almost Sunday, I loved the Perfect Pair Wedding Print.

    From your shop, I love the COME SPRING COLLECTION... I Remember Your Voice, Earrings.

    In the Laura Walls Taylor shop, the "yum" plate is so cute.


    jill.ajp [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. From Almost Sunday: Flower and Cupcake Barrette Set.

    From The Ardent Sparrow: Visions of Sugar Plums, Earrings.

    From Laura Walls Taylor: cherry bowl - medium

    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  7. Adore the "rubber ducky mug in porcelain" from Laura Walls Taylor, " Reminders of You bracelet" from Ardent Sparrow and the Butterfly mobile from Almost Sunday.

  8. I couldn't find the link to the Laura Walls Taylor shop... I think I'm blind... rofl But I love the deer piece shown in the blog :)

    From Almost Sunday, I have to go with the family tree baby shower invitation.

    From your shop, I had trouble choosing because I fell in love with a lot of it! I finally decided on The Romance of It All - http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24322284

    You can get my by email at star_momma at yahoo dot com

  9. I'm all about the fish mobile from Almost Sunday http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26985019

    Gotta say, I've had my eye on Keep Breathing for quite some time now http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26047794

    I've been looking for some funky pie birds. Think I've found some at Laura Walls Taylor's shop


  10. I love this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=27376290

    And the "Goodnight, sleep tight" necklace from your shop is awesome!
    Hope I win!
    jannabissett at yahoo dot com

  11. i love the blushing earrings.

  12. Yipeee! Another chance today at great stuff:

    from Almost Sunday:

    these [perfect] Hello Letterpress Notecards

    and from your beautiful shop:

    this pair of [exquisite] Tangled Up in Contradiction Earrings

    Wish me luck!

  13. This week just keeps getting better!
    Love these sellers, and you!

    My faves are:
    Elephant birthday invitation set from
    Almost Sunday.

    Rasberry Sorbet ring from you!

    And I love the owl vases from Laura Walls Taylor, but I really want the vulture mug to drink my coffee out of!
    Thanks again for the giveaway,
    its been a great week!


  14. I love the Pear Tree Wall Art over at "Almost Sunday"

    and I have been drooling over the Roman Holiday Bracelet ever since Marilyn purchased one from your shop!


  15. I like the wedding thank you cards from Almost Sunday, Through Primrose Tufts earrings by Ardent Sparrow (or any of the earrings with verdigris!), and, finally, from Laura Walls Taylor, I have to go with one of the owl vases (since I LOVE owls), but I'm not sure which one...

    Thanks for the giveaways!!

  16. from almost sunday I love Octopus cards and I love semi charmed life necklace from the ardent sparrow!

  17. I love the Perfect Pear Wedding Print from Almost Sunday and How Do I Love Thee, Necklace from The Ardent Sparrow.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  18. How funny!! I was just in laurawallstaylor's shop admiring her items before reading this post!
    Favorite items:
    "Birthday Invitation - Owl Eco-Friendly"
    "Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue, Necklace"
    and last but not least
    "fawn mug in porcelain".


  19. I absolutely love both of these shops!

    Almost Sunday- my fav


    The Ardent Sparrow
    so many but
    The Silence Seemed to Speak, Bracelet
    by TheArdentSparrow


    Laura Walls Taylor
    pair owl candlesticks or bud vases ala macrame
    by laurawallstaylor
    I've had my eye on that one!


  20. I love the earrings and mobiles from Almost Sunday, the little owl necklaces from Ardent Sparrow, and the owl candlesticks from Laura Walls Taylor.

    maxandellie at gmail dot com

  21. I love that butterfly mobile too! I would love to try make one myself, but I"m sure it would end up being way easier to buy it!
    I was so happy when i saw you posted another "sea glass ring"...
    And I like the owl vase from laura walls taylor

  22. My favorites are the butterfly mobile from Almost Sunday, the Old Money necklace from Ardent Sparrow, and the owl candlestick holders from Laura Walls Taylor. You have good taste. :)

    My email is...

  23. My favorite from Almost Sunday are the Owl Birthday Invitations. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26077566

    My favorite from The Ardent Sparrow is the Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue Necklace. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24188168

    Can you tell I like owls? ;)


  24. OOOOHHHH!! Good things come to those who wait:):)
    I waited for today hoping the stores would have "It"
    And they do! :)
    From Almost Sunday it has to be the adorable
    "Hello Letter press note cards"
    From Laura Walls Taylor I love the "Eat It" bowl :)
    and last but not least the gorgeous
    "New Sea Glass Ring" From your store:)
    Thank your for hosting such a great give away...too sweet:):)

  25. I have had the butterfly wall art from Almost Sunday hearted for a while.

    Your Fly By Vine necklace is just beautiful.

    And the rose stem swizzle sticks from LauraWallsTaylor are so unique and fun!


  26. Almost sunday's butterfly wall art is so cute- clara would love it.
    I love everything from your Vintage collection Bec!
    And from laura walls taylor...the mouse platter is so funny and sweet.

  27. Such cute shops!
    I love the invitations at Almost Sunday. The owl and elephant are adorable. I may have to get those octopus cards.
    I love your Sea Glass ring and Spring Has Sprung earrings at Ardent Sparrow, and the free as a bird necklace is so fun.
    I just added the owl vase to my shopping cart from Laura Walls Taylor. Thanks for introducing these darling shops to me.

  28. Ooooh, what a hard choice! I like:

    What Cry of Peach Blossoms necklace from Ardent Sparrow

    Owl Calling Cards from Almost Sunday

    Canary Mug Laura Walls from Taylor




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